Wednesday, December 7, 2011

N9 Software Update with MacOSX or Linux (part 1)

This has been available for some time, but in case you have not noticed it, the new software release really worths installing as it significantly improves the performance of the device. You can see that for example the scrolling smoothness will be improved after updating from. Latest software release for Nokia N9 via Nokia page is 20.2011.40-4.

You can get a Mac and Linux flasher from here:

The flash image is not currently available outside Nokia but is inside the exe that you can download from the Nokia web site for updating the N9. Unfortunately this exe obviously only runs on Windows (I for example don't have any Windows machines around and for me the Windows exe is completely useless).

If someone manages to extract the flash image from the exe, it can be in theory flashed with Mac and Linux flashers. If you manage to succeed with that, please let me know and I will mention about it on my blog. Please write me at karoliina dot t dot salminen at gmail dot com or write to the comments on this post (please note that the comments are moderated to avoid spam and it will take time for me to approve them, so don't be afraid if you don't see them appearing immediately).

I tried to send a question about this to Nokia customer care [about how can I update my N9 with my Mac] but I was unable to do so because the form required all the lengthy numbers like serial number and my personal N9 was not with me today so I could not check it.

UPDATE: Got information that there indeed is a beta version (unstable) Mac Nokia Updater out there. It does not state that it would support Nokia N9. I downloaded it and tried it with my N9. It didn't work, it stated that N9 is not supported.

Also people have been using a software called navifirm to extract the flash image out of the Nokia software updater exe to enable flashing it using Mac. However, according to my Googling this software also runs on Windows, so it may not be so straightforward for Mac users to use that route. Maybe the beta version of the software updater for Mac is the best bet at the moment in case it would start supporting N9 (that I hope but don't know).

It seems I still don't have a solution for this. If you know a working solution how to get N9 flashed with Mac, please let me know. If I will find a solution for this, I will post a new blog post with instructions how to do it with Mac.


hxka said...

What the exe containing firmware image you talking about?

BTW, Navifirm is .NET application, but it is coded so badly that it could not run in Mono.

Maximilian1st said...

There is a version of navifirm or navifirm plus recoded in C somewhere on the net.

Maximilian1st said...

Hey, just found this version of navifirm, it's actually coded in C++, not sure if it works in Linux using WINE.

Cecilie said...

I don't have an N9 yet, but whatever happened to the over-the-air upgrades that the N900 supports?

Maximilian1st said...

Just had the time to check if the C++ version works using WINE under Linux. It does. So the update of a Nokia N9 under Linux is possible using this app and the flasher for linux. ;-)

Anonymous said...

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Jed said...


N9 does have OTA updates....

This approach is for those who don't want to wait.
As it's taking ages for some...

Most now have it, but some product codes still don't.

kiiwii said...

flasher --version
flasher 3.12.1 (Oct 5 2011) Harmattan
WARNING: This tool is intended for professional use only. Using it may result
in permanently damaging your device or losing the warranty.

Mac Version works. snow leopard. already flashed several times.