Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New ring tone your new Nokia N900: Superlectro

You have got new N900 but having hard time which ring tone to choose for your device and the songs you have are not suitable length and are not looping? Think no more, here is the solution:

I created a new ring tone intended to be used with the Nokia N900. The style is electronic and I clipped it so that it (almost perfectly) loops, so when you set it as ring tone and it continues to play, it continues from beginning (almost) seamlessly. The song sounds surprisingly loud on the device, thus justifying that it can be used as ring tone.

You can download the song from my page:
Direct download link

If you have any difficulties with the above direct link, please try going to this page and then download the song manually by clicking the download link:
Superlectro Ringtone Song page on

Click "Lataa mp3" link to download the file in case the page represents itself in Finnish to you and if you don't talk Finnish.

I will upload the file later to server, but it is not there yet. It is likely to appear later to url: -folder.

To install the ring tone to Nokia N900 device, do this (it is very easy, but steps are presented here just in case you are new to the new unconventional UI paradigm of the Maemo5):
1. either download the song with the device browser directly or if you use your computer, first copy the mp3-file to the device.
2. Go to Settings
3. Select Profiles applet
4. You see page with Silent and General -buttons. It is pannable. Scroll (pan) it down. Ring tone button comes visible.
5. Press the Ring tone button to choose the ring tone.
6. Click Add on the right hand bottom side of the screen
7. Go up from Audio clips folder since it is most likely not in the audio clips folder with the button located to the left hand top side of the dialog.
8. Point your ring tone mp3 file (you need to point the file, you can't choose Artist/Album/whatever)
9. If you did it right, the new ring tone starts to play
10. Move the volume slider of the ring tone to maximum (because this is hifi-recording it is not _that_ loud for the little speakers of the N900, even if it is loud with my terms).
11. Click save and you are done!

Next time somebody calls you, you have personalized a ring tone not everybody else has, unless everybody else downloads my ring tone also of course. I hope you like it and have fun with it. You can use this of course with any device, but I have only tested it on N900 and with the speakers of N900 it sounds quite good to me (irritation level with this tune is low + volume level is good (=loud enough to be heard from pocket in a somewhat noisy environment) when it is set to max).