Friday, November 28, 2008

New ring tone for your Maemo device or any other mobile device

I recently created a new song ( these can be found from my music blog from ) and here is a shortened version of it which I tried to make useful as use as a ring tone for mobile devices. It is a bit more equalized and bit more compressed also than the hifi-version of the song. By all means, you can use also the actual song as a ring tone, but this has been cut to start from the middle to be more useful - ring tones usually play only a short time and long intro part is not very useful on them then.

I have this on my N810 and also in my N95 and I think it works pretty well. You can in principle use it with any mobile device which understands mp3 format and allows you to assign these files as ring tones.

I am planning to do a measurement of the frequency response of the tiny speakers to equalize this better for them (now this has too much mid frequencies maybe for the tiny speakers, because this mix is still "almost hifi"). I haven't done that yet, I should dig my measurement microphone from storage to be able to do that (the Internet tablet / phone mix would be counter-equalized with that). However, this version already works on your device, so feel free to use it.

Download it from here:
Sky Party - ring tone version 1

The file bitrate is 128 kbit/s and the file size is 2188433 bytes which is around 2MB. You can install it by for example reading this with the N810, saving the file and then assigning it as a ring tone for the internet call. Alternatively you can download it with your computer, use the USB cable to connect the computer to the device and then copy the file to the device's file system.

If you are using Mac to download the file (instead of the mentioned Internet tablet for example), you may need to right click the file with CTRL + mouse button or otherwise the Quicktime starts to play it instead of downloading the file.

All feedback is welcome.