Friday, December 11, 2009

Maemo Summit 2009 video

I recorded quite a bit video footage at Maemo Summit 2009 which was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I did not have presentation there (because my proposal did not get approved (clutter app development)), but I recorded what the others were talking about, the people attending, the happenings around the Maemo summit 2009 and the place, Amsterdam.

I have been editing the footage for a quite some time now and finally decided to release the first my video about Maemo Summit despite I have only clips from perhaps 1/5 of the scenes I was filming at the summit. It is three and half minutes and features 720p HD video and music. No speeches, just audiovisual experience to deliver some feelings from Maemo summit 2009.

Be sure to click the HD and full screen buttons for a better viewing experience.

Maemo Summit 2009 Video

The video was shot with Canon EOS 5D Mark II + 24-105 4L IS USM at 1080p30 and edited afterwards with Final Cut Pro and then downgraded to 720p30 for Youtube. I hope you enjoy the short video. Please give me also feedback. Comments on my blog are enabled for the first two weeks after the release of the blog entry.


zeenix said...

Really awesome video!

Karoliina Salminen said...

thanks :)

Tommi said...

Thanks for the nice video. It was great to see what was happening in the summit. It looked like there was a party going on. Shooting and editing were excellent - it was a joy to watch.