Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maemo Summit 2009 Opening Video on Youtube

Maemo Summit 2009 Opening video on Youtube

My computer just finished uploading the opening of 2009 Maemo Summit to Youtube. It features the N900 video and Peter Schneider's welcome. If you see embedded version of this video, please make sure you click the Youtube logo to see it in HD (after clicking HD, you can click full screen to get the most benefit out of it).

The video Peter Schneider plays features my music. The video content is from two Nokia N900 videos that I remixed together. I edited the soundtrack of this video so that the music part mixes sound from the event (same thing but poorer quality) and the original soundtrack so that the music has higher fidelity than what you could record on the N900 hall on Maemo Summit at Westgasfabrik. It was pretty hard to sync the two soundtracks together. I am not so advanced user with Final Cut Pro yet and it involved lots of handwork to do it (zooming and looking the waveforms closely on Soundtrack Pro).

Unfortunately I was kind of busy with releasing this (since people seem to be eager to see the videos now rather than later), so editing and filtering is not best possible and there is for example some visible noise on it. The film was filmed with Canon EOS 5D mark II with ISO setting (automatically turned into that) 25600 (the very high ISO explains why there is some noise in the video - in same conditions my old video camera would have turned almost black and white and greenish and would have produced quite low resolution video). The video was shot in the P-mode that automatically sets the ISO etc. values. I propably should have shot the video in the M-mode instead but I had too little time to set it up with the M-mode before the show started.

I do all filming nowadays with the Canon EOS 5D mark II, and have stopped using video cameras. The lens used was Canon EF 24-105 f 4 L IS USM.

Anyway, have fun with the video:


Marius Gedminas said...

I loved the music in that video.

zhaoz said...

Would it be possible to download the song by itself?

Tommi said...

How do you like to hand hold the Canon for video shooting?

N900 + Maemo5 is a great combo.

Karoliina Salminen said...

It is available for download:

Karoliina Salminen said...

Hand holding the Canon for video shooting is problematic on Canon (I need a steadycam), this was shot with tripod.